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Uras Vibrators



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With 70% of the Japan domestic market share, and over 900,000 units shipped worldwide,
the Uras Vibrator is the world standard for rotary electric vibrators.

 A powerful and reliable source of vibration used for a wide variety of applications including feeding, separating, and milling.


Vibration can be used to move, sort, mill, or feed powder or granular materials. As the world standard for rotary electric vibrators, Uras Vibrators are indispensable as a source of vibration for hoppers, feeders, screens, and mills.


 Long-lasting and easy to use, with over 50 years of research and innovation.

The strength of the Uras Vibrator comes from the long bearing life achieved through our independent design and manufacturing engineering. Further, the frame and bracket are made of nodular graphite cast iron for maximum durability and vibration resistance. Periodic greasing is the only maintenance requi

red for large models. Small models used sealed bearings and are maintenance-free.



lineup of over 100 models, valued for their unmatched quality by manufacturing industries around the world.

With over 900,000 units shipped, the Uras Vibrator is used in a multitude of industries around the world, from advanced materials to mineral resources, from cities to deserts and seas. In addition to general-purpose vibrators, the Uras lineup includes high-frequency, flange-mount, and increased-safety models of all sizes, over 100 models in total.
* CSA and CE mark are also available.

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