Electrical Engineer Department
Mechanical Engineer Department
Production Engineer Department



Engineering Services

  • Onsite service/After sales service
  • Technical Consultant
  • Factory Automation
  • Solution Provider Seminar and Training
  • Automation project/machine turnkey
  • Automation project consultant
  • Site survey for productivity improvement
  • Site audit for electrical motor preventive maintenance
Project Types

  • PLC Programming
  • Renewal / Modify / New Control Panel
  • Overhaul
  • Pump Control System
  • Energy Saving
  • Machine Made by Order
  • AGV Car for Factory, Robotic for any application
  • and any requirement from the customer...

Project References

  • Oven Machine for Driving Wheel
  • Paper Re-winder Machine
  • Energy Saving for Pump Control
  • Celling & Floor Board (New Machine)
  • Overhaul Inverter & Motor
  • The Conclusion of Kneader Machine
  • Robot (Pick and Place, Labeling)
  • Replacement Controller MP920 to MP2000
  • Modify Machine 

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