We provided the a full range of Products for FACTORY AUTOMATION (FA)

Product List : Motor, Inverter, Servo, Gearhead, Sensor, Motoman Industrial Robot, Signal Conditioners & Alarm Trips, PID Controllers, Panel/field indicators, Surge protesters Remote I/O, Web Data Loggers, Energy Measurement & Management, Instrument, Digital Link Sensor, Fluorescent, Vibration Motor, AGV System, Cable, Actuators, Energy Saving Product, Vacumm Unit, Transformer, Capacitors, Encoder, Stepping Motor , Solderless Terminal, Trolley, Submersible Pumps, SmartMotor and other Product that customer request.
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Servo Motor, Controller, AC Drives, Industrial Robots
Elecylinder®, ROBO Cylinder®, Compact Type Robo Cylinder®, Single Axis Robots, Slider Type Robots, High speed orthogonal robot
Table Top Robot, SCARA Robot, Linear Servo Actuator
Compatible to special environment, Cleanroom compatible, Dustproof・splashproof compatible, Controller / Other option


Signal Conditioners, Lightning Surge Protectors, Remote I/O, Recorder, Indicators, Actuators
Nidec Shimpo
Reducer Gear, AGV System, Force Gauge, Tachometer, Digital Counter

Vibrator Motor

Submersible pumps, Motors
Continuous Level Measurement, Point Level Detection,
Powder Measurement, Belt Conveyor Protection,Position Transmitter,Actuator

A highly programmable, integrated servo motor system that is integrated with a motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, RS232/RS485 communication, and IOs.  

IP65 corresponding actuator can be used even in the adverse environment like dust or water.


Actuator and SCARA Robot which compatible to cleanliness class 10 Provide wide variation.


Full line up that serve various application. New encoder system product also available.


A top class with high performance. Significantly improved on Usability.


Usability and high function are packed into the compact form. Robots with lower cost.


High Speed and high acceleration/deceleration creates a shorter cycle time. Square motion range is highly efficient.


The compact type ROBO cylinder is an electric type and is suitable for replacing the air cylinder because of its small size, a variety of shapes, and usability.

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