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IAI's Controller



Categories : IAI Robot


Controller Positioner Type

Positioner Type operation controller remembers and stores the position data in to the controller, allowing it to be controlled based on position numbers specified through signals. Especially PMEC/AMEC and PSEP/ASEP Controller specializes in 2 or 3 points moving position that can work with the same signal as air cylinder.


Controller Program Type

Program Type is a controller that has a program inside and executes the program to operate.
Controller alone can operate and be able to communicate between controller and device nearby through the program, so if it is a small equipment then there is no need for PLC and that will be a cost reduction.


Network Type

Network type is a controller that corresponds to field network or serial communication.
It is compatible to all the major field network used in domestic and oversea. And experience the high affinity to each type of FA device such as PLC or touch panel.

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